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Garage Door Repair Services

Why should you Hire Garage Door Repair Professionals?

Laymen or Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) can try to keep their garage door in good working condition by performing simple maintenance chores. Most DIYers are capable of basic garage door maintenance with ease. If you are one, good for you! However when you hire an expert, it will make you rest assured that nothing was missed.

An annual inspection of your garage door is a must to prevent problems before they are aggravated. After that, the basic tasks you can do yourself for garage door maintenance include:

  • Checking the tracks to ensure they are properly aligned.
  • Wiping the dust, dirt and debris from the track.
  • Lubricating track, pulleys, springs and rollers.
  • Checking nuts, bolts and fasteners and tightening them if possible.

You can expect your garage door to work just fine if you perform these simple tasks after an annual maintenance by professionals. However, at times hiring a professional may still be needed if the damage is beyond the capability of amateurs. The most sensitive components of a garage door are the springs, tracks, rollers, cable and panel.

Even a slight misalignment in any of these sensitive garage door components may mean costly expenses or worse, serious injury to you or your loved ones. If you find, say the springs creaking unusually loud or misaligned, the best you can do is to apply the lubricant prescribed for the spring liberally. Bear in mind that you should not touch the spring when applying the lubricant as you never how the misalignment many snap out.

If you find a loud creaking voice which the lubricant cannot fix, it is a sure sign of serious misalignment which can be fixed only by a professional.

The risk in fixing misaligned garage door spring

The weight of a garage door is around 500 pounds and the garage door spring manages all that. The spring can snap with such a strong force that it has even proven to be fatal at times. That is why do-it-yourselfers should be extremely cautious when trying to fix a problem in garage door spring, but it is much safer to leave it to the experts.

Calling the professional is important because they:

  • Use the right tools to measure and cut the springs correctly, if it needs to be replaced
  • Have the expertise in installing springs with the right tension
  • Know the precautions to take for installing springs safely and avoid accidents
  • Make sure that door is properly balanced on the spring
  • Make sure the torsion springs are properly winded

The expertise of the garage door professionals is not restricted to repair or replacement of only springs. They are capable of fixing the problems in other essential garage door components too, that is the panels, tracks, rollers and cables. After years of experience in fixing all the glitches in the normal working of a garage door, they are confident of immediately identifying any problem and fixing it in minimum possible time.

So, if you find a problem in your garage door that looks even slightly difficult to fix on your own, make sure you hire a Professional garage door repair to fix it, instead of attempting a DIY bravado.