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Signs that Indicate the Need for Garage Door Repair or Maintenance

As a homeowner, when we think of renovating the house, last thing that would come to our mind is repair the garage door. We forget that garage is the key part of our home and like other areas; it too demands a regular maintenance and repair.

Imagine a situation when you come back home from a late night family dinner and find the garage door is not opening. What will be your instant reaction?

You will of course be worried about the safety of the car and where to park it. Most of the homeowners will give a call to the garage repair company right away.

All this fuss could have been easily avoided if a bit of attention was paid to the regular check-up of the door. But, most of the individuals are unable to read the signs that the garage door needs a repair.

How to figure out if the garage door needs a repair or maintenance?

Is the Door Feeling Heavy?

It is one of the major determiners and a common issue with the garage doors. When the springs in the door do not have enough tension, the door will feel heavy while pulling up or down. The problem is however not that big and can be repaired easily.

Is it Too Noisy?

A noisy garage door is the result of loose hardware, worn rollers, or other loose parts that need lubrication. These are all simple fixes but to avoid the last minute urgent need of a garage door repair expert, it is better to keep your ears open to the noise coming from the garage door that seems unusual to you.

Is it Not Closing?

If your garage door goes back up after hitting the floor, there's certainly some problem. There's no need to replace the door but tune up the travel adjustments. It is these settings that control how up or down a garage door should go.

Is it Not Responding to the Remote?

If your remote operated garage door is not responding to the command keys pressed, it definitely needs an expert's visit. Although, there could be chances of low battery in the remote but if this isn't the case, call the right guy.

Is the Panel Damaged?

If the scratch on the door is starting to rust, get the weak spot repaired at the earliest. Similarly, if the door gets a dent, repair the cosmetic flaw to save yourself from spending more money on replacement later.

A garage keeps your car safe from the extreme climatic conditions and thieves. But, there are times when the garage door doesn't open/lock, age or warp. Whenever there's a problem, homeowners realize the importance of the door and immediately call for help.

Instead of waiting for the unexpected moment, isn't it better that we commit ourselves to check the garage doors for repair at a regular interval.

At Dallas Garage Door Repair Services, we understand how important it is for the garage door to run without any problem. From regularly maintenance to installation and replacement of garage doors, we do it all for the clients. Unlike other regulars, we believe in offering extremely professional services to clients. Be it repair, replacement or maintenance, we have experienced individuals to do the job.

When you are looking for a reliable garage door services company, trust our expertise.


Does your garage door need a repair? How will you figure it out? There could be several warning signs but one needs to be alert to avoid the last minute problem.